Introduction - Metaphysics Meets Science

Activities to Practice This Week

• Audio interview with Daniel Siegel, M.D., author of Mind: A Journey to the Heart of Being Human
• Centering in Your Heart Exercise

My friend Richard Gordon developed a wonderful method called Quantum Touch that works well in conjunction with EFT. One of his exercises is to imagine a vortex of energy in the region of your heart. Keep imagining it so strongly that it becomes a physical sensation.

Now strengthen that physical sensation as much as possible. Feel the energy! Play with it; try moving it clockwise or counterclockwise, as it becomes stronger and stronger. Focus on your breath, imagining that with each breath, the energy increases.

If you do this exercise with a partner, face each other, and start sending heart energy to each other. Picture the energy getting stronger with each breath you breathe out. Breathe in their heart energy, add it to your store, and then breath out this empowered energy toward them. Create an exchange in which the energy becomes stronger with each breath.

If you do the exercise alone, imagine you’re facing a friend or loved one, or even an imaginary guide, and send the energy through your heart to this other being with each breath. As they breathe in turn, they strengthen the energy, and send it back to you. Make the energy stronger and stronger.

Now direct the energy to a place where it can be useful, such as a part of your body that is painful. If someone you know is suffering or in pain, send the energy outwards towards them. There are many stories of healing with QT when energy is transmitted in this way. Richard will even stand in a line to see a movie, or buy groceries, and breathe positive energy to those around him. This is a way in which you can contribute to creating a benevolent energy ecosystem wherever you are.

Extended Play Resources

• David Bohm on The Nature of Things
• Deepak Chopra on Synchronicity and the Manifestation of Desire
•Michael Talbot on Synchronicity and the Holographic Universe